• Set up reminders and send automatic email or text reminders to you, your tenants, or 3rd parties, and track completion of those items.
  • Track warranties of all of your major systems and appliances, so you always know when an item is about to come off warranty, or if it is still under warranty if you need service. It will also track who you need to call and your account and serial numbers, so you aren’t digging through boxes and files trying to find the number to call or what model number you have.

  • Tracks all of the repairs and updates to the house, as well as the contractors who do them for you.Wondering who installed that water heater for you 4 years ago that is now leaking? It’s as simple as logging in to your account to get their name, address, phone, and email. You can even upload warranty
    documents, invoices, plans, etc

  • Track tenants. Keep track of who you rent to, roommate names and contact info, forwarding addresses, security deposit refunds, and upload leases and before & after photos for your records.

  • Track home warranties. Need to know how often you used them for a specific property, and the money saved? Want to know who the local contractors were that the warranty company used? We can track all of that for you.

  • Track “To Do” lists. Manage those long-term expenditures by keeping a record of the things you want to do. Upload estimates from contractors, set time frames, and keep notes on each.

  • Track mortgages. Easily see when the loan will be paid off, or when your adjustable rate is about to re-adjust.

  • Get End of Year reports that help you report expenditures for tax purposes.

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